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Music for Modern Dance class,
by Peter Lodwick


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Book 1, Soft and gentle:
1 Dunes ,4/4
2 Floating, 3/4 
3 Resinity, 3/4
4 Warm Air, 5/4
5 Celtic Dream, 6/4
6 Adagio, 3/4
7 Summer Rain, 3/4
8 Slow Motion, 3/4
9. Straight Ahead, 4/4

Book 2, Moderate Energy:
10 Questia, 4/4
11 Passing Lights, 5/4
12 Paris Rain, 6/4
13 Morphing, 3/4
14 Waves, 4/4
15 Kindred Spirits, 4/4

16 And the Breath, 3/4
17 Dark City, 4/4
18 Paleolithic, 4/4

Book 3, High Energy:
19 Confusion, 4/4
20 Rachets, 4/4
21 Futuronica, 6/4
22 Little Things, 4/4
23 Singing Stones, 4/4
24 Spirits of the Trees, 2/4
25 Step Motion, 3/4
26 Tango, 4/4
27 Sagans Journey, 4/4
28 Busy Beavers, 4/4


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How happy I was to receive your CD! Your music has all the specific accents so needed in dance class. Huge variety, different styles, change of rhythm and inner dynamics are all so very helpful for my students. I was also taken with the beauty of your music – each number seem to set an atmosphere, give a feel and almost tell a story. How joyful seeing my students react in movement!
Shoshi, Israel

"I use Peter Lodwicks CD “Music for Modern Dance Class” constantly for children and adult classes. It´s very versatile and has many inspiring tunes. The different musical styles allow for the use in ballet, contemporary and creative children´s dance class. But above all I think it´s good music and fun to listen and move to.”
Gabriela Buccarello, choreographer, dancer and teacher

"Our ballet school has all of Peter Lodwicks CDs for dance. We use them a lot because of the wonderful music, the very good arrangements and the fact that they are so suited for dance. We are happy to recommend your CDs!"
Rogne Musikk- og Ballettsenter, Oslo

To order cd, go to: www.peterlodwick.com