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Marit Krogeide. Photo: John Andresen

Marit Krogeide

dancer, choreographer, managing director, teacher

"Marits dance was absolutely fabulous!" Farsund Avis (newspaper)


 Marit Krogeide. Photo: Grim EvensenMarit Krogeide from "You and I and the two of us". Photo: Grim Evensen

Marit began her career with Jorunn Kirkenærs children's ballet school and company and within a 10 year period performed both on television and on stage. She has a bachelor degree from the National Academy of the Arts. She has studied pedagogy at Høyskolen i Kristiania and is a sertified Pilates matte instructor. In 2014 she was approved as first lecturer.

Marit began her professional career with a flurry of musicals, amongst them: "The Merry Widow (The National Theatre), "Sweet Charity" (Chateau Neuf), "Anything Goes" and "Pal Joey" (Oslo New Theatre), "The air is for everyone" (Chat Noir). Marits talent as a dancer, actress and singer led to her performing leading roles in musicals such as "Junglebook" (Bryggetheatre), "Dames at sea" (Fredrikstad) and "The Ragged Doll" (Centraltheatre, Rikstheatre and Norwegian television). In the same period Marit worked with a number of free groups and choreographers such as Gilbert Parsons, Kjersti Alveberg, Un-Magritt Nordseth, Torill Bernatek.

Marits career took a new turn when she was offered a position of lead dancer with the group Dans and Toner, of which she is now the managing director. With 12 productions and over two thousand performances on tour with Dans and Toner, Marit has become a guiding light for many aspiring dancers. She has choreographed the performances "How about that Mr B?","Mozart!" and "Du og Jeg og Vi To". Danceworks in "Munch - en reise i dans, musikk & billedkunst" and "Twisted" as well as the short ballets "Intermezzo" "The future", "Birds", "Flames", "Summerflirt", "Sea of hope", "Huldra","Tango" and more. She has also choreographed several commercial shows.

She has been the consultant for Peter Lodwick in the creation of the CDs Music for Ballet Class, Vol 1 and Music for ballet Class, Vol 2.

Deemed by many to be a workaholic she was also, for 9 years, the editor of Norway's only dance magazine, which is published by the Norwegian Ballet Union. During the years she has received many scholarships and awards.

Marit has taught classical ballet for professional dancers at Proda (training for professional dancers), both in Norway and Sweden, Ballet Academy in Stockholm, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Kirkenær Ballet school. Several workshops, courses in jazzdance, classical ballet and Rhytm all over Norway. She has worked 10 years for Bårdar Academy in Oslo. Autumn 2019 she started her new position as first lecturer at Norges Dansehøyskole, now Kristiania University College in Oslo.  Also supervised students at Norges Dansehøyskole in teaching ballet from 2016. Students evaluations of her as a teacher.

 "The audience experienced shivers of ecstasy when Marit glided over the stage, bathed in sunlight. It was miraculous."      Tvedestrandposten (newspaper)

"In a delicate and innocent point shoe dance, Marit Krogeide impressed us all and revealed the beauty of ballet."       Eidsvoll Blad (newspaper)


 Marit Krogeide in "Munch - a journey" Photo: Peter Lodwick  Christer Tornell, Marit Krogeide. Photo: Peter LodwickChrister Tornell, Marit Krogeide. Photo: Peter Lodwick



More reviews:
with her beautiful dance.”


”Enchanted by Dans og Toner! Marit Krogeide as Ballerina, immediately connected with the audience.”
Helgelands Blad


"Marit Krogeide – a modern dancer with the ability to create a dialog with the audience.”

Ringerikes Blad


“Marit Krogeide charmed the audience with her beautiful dance.”
Haugesund Avis


“Beautiful dance! Dancer Marit Krogeide practically floated over the floor.”
Helgeland Arbeiderblad


To experience a professional ballerina like Marit is something the audience
will never forget.”



“Dancers Marit Krogeide and Crister Tornell brings both the music and meaning
of the paintings to the stage. It is hot, it is high, it is low, it is elegant
, it is unbelievable professional!”



“To experience the strength, speed, drive and precision of these professional dancers is a monumental and beautiful experience.”



“Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide represents the cream of Norwegian art. They express true love for the art and have created an artistic expression that connects to the audience. They are masters of their crafts and truly know how to captivate an audience.”



This was solid choreography, artistic unity with powerful interpretation and mime from the performers. As a ballet critic I can only endorse the thunderous applause and enthusiastic whistling of the audience."


 Dancers Marit Krogeide and Eric Viudes showed speed, gracious movement and a musicality rarely experienced live in our part of the world.”

Tønsberg Blad


“We were spellbound by these artists. Marit Krogeide as Ballerina captivated all the children with her beautiful dance.”



It is about love and revolt, lively joy of life and despair – as only a pair of professional dancers can express it.”



Dancers Marit Krogeide and Eric Viudes showed how the moving body can speak. We experienced dance as artistic expression as only professional dancers can. Love, rebellion, joy of life and despair. The performance was a dance straight into the hearts of the audience.”

LY Buskerud


“It is captivating and impressive to meet artists of international class. Dancers Marit Krogeide and Crister Tornell was exceptionally skilful, gracious and beautiful.”

Bømlo Nytt