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Du og Jeg og Vi To



Enchanted by Dans and Toner! The pupils were totally captivated by the performance
"Du og Jeg og vi To". These artists were no lightweights:
Dans and Toner is synonymous with artistic quality".
Helgelands Blad

"Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide are representatives of the cream of Norwegian art.
The two the artists express true love for the art and have created an expression that goes
straight home. Two artists who know their craft at their fingertips and who really know
how to
engage their audience".


"You and I and the Two of Us" was an artistic revelation and at the
same time a pedagogical miracle".

Two great artists took the audience by storm".
Øvre Smaalenene

"What do you get when you combine music, dance, humour and charm, friendship
and forgiveness? You get a fantastic performance called
 "Du og Jeg og Vi To". The artists bewitched a whole school."
Østlandets Blad 

An explosive start of the day with Dans and Toner! The performance was right on target.
The communication between the two artists was perfect. This was dance and music
on a high artistic level, performed in a way that captivated the entire audience".
Romsdals Budstikke

There was no doubt that musician Peter Lodwick and dancer Marit Krogeide knew
what they were doing – the music and dance was absolutely fabulous
and the whole theatre was spellbound".
Farsund Avis

Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide captivated the audience with dance and music.
This was artistry at a high level, professionally performed with both humour and seriousness.
A well-directed and uncomplicated story. The artists held the audience in the
palm of their hands from the first moment".
Indre Smaalenene

"Beautiful music and dance, this was really a great performance performed with a
 radiance of joy and confidence."

Sør-Varanger Avis

"Dance and Toner with Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide spellbounds
their audience with
the performance "Du og Jeg og Vi To".

Moss Avis


"You and I and the two of us" was a fabulous experience. The performance had great appeal
and warmth. In addition to being unusually polished artists, they both had the talent
of creating contact with the audience".
Slettheia skole

"Thank you very much for the brilliant performance. Judging by the response and engagement
of the children, this was a performance at the highest level. My colleagues and I agree that
it was a
fabulous program both pedagogically and artistically. To weave a serious theme into

the presentation of dance and ballet or vice versa is ingenious.

Hallagerbakken skole

"Thank you for a fantastic performance. It is a pleasure to be visited by such talented artists.
The scene where the ballerina made her entrance with such grace and beauty, made the
hair on the back of our necks raise. The show also appealed to the toughest guys when they
recognized breakdance steps and music. Maybe the performance planted a little seed
of inspiration in a future dancer. Thank you for coming to us".

Lilleborg skole 

"This was a glorious success! You have made a truly captivating performance!
The way you bind together music and dance, new and old styles and show that everything
can become a unity. You did this in an unbelievable elegant way. Now we have pictures of
Ballerina and GeNøkkel on our classroom wall”.

Grorud Skole

“On a cold December morning Marit and Peter came to us with warmth, sparkling engagement
and humour. Through their art, theese artists showed us the importance of social competence,
 empathy, cooperation, respect, joy and humour. Enthusiastic and skillfull artists that
connects with their audience”.
Stig skole