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Dans for Deg



"They gave us joy, drama, passion, frustration, vulnerability and strength. An impressive  and humorous
performance that gave something to one and all with its playful concept,
excellent dancers and a convincing Peter Lodwick".
Romsdals Bustikke

"This was solid choreography, artistic unity and powerful interpretation and mime from
the dancers. As a ballet critic I can only endorse the thunderous applause and
enthusiastic whistling of the audience".


"Dance for You" danced its way into the hearts of the audience. Peter Lodwick spellbound the public
with his music. This was artistic diversity".


"Dans for deg" showed the diversity of movement as a language. With variety in choreography
and artistic dramatic content, the performance was received with great enthusiasm. This was a
wholehearted success".
Jarlsberg Avis

"Dans & Toner presented beautiful music and magical dance!"
Harstad Tidene


You showed us a new language through dance and music. You made it beautiful and humorous,
with emotions and style, captivating and thrilling".
Harestua skole

"Many thanks for a fantastic performance. Professionalism shone from you the moment we met.  
The students appreciated the performance. Dancing is always cool, many students have a secret
dream of becoming a dancer, which is why it is so important that they get the opportunity to
experience dance at such a high level. Many thanks to Crister and Marit. Thanks also to Peter.
Your down to earth, but at the same time professional way of presenting the music was unique.
You also had the ability to communicate in a humoristic way.
The word "superb" was on everyone's lips - thank you !!"

Landro skule

This performance opened my eyes for dance. I understood that dance lies hidden within us all.
I thought the performance was wonderful – it inspired me to dance myself".
Girl 17, Finnfjordbotn vg. skole

The school extends its thanks for an excellent music and dance performance".
Øyer ungdomsskole

"Many thanks for an incredible cultural experience. We meet very talented performers, varied styles
 and a good mixture of humour and seriousness. The performers ability to
communicate with the audience guarantied a fine artistic experience".
Hedrum ungdomsskole

"The staff and students were in total agreement that this was a superb - the best performance so far,
said one student. As principal, I would agree. Excellent, with a balance between the comic
and the serious, highly recommended to others!".

Fauskanger children's and youth school

"It was a great performance that captivated the audience. They were engaged and expressed
their appreciation. The artists were incredibly skilled and had the ability to enchant their audience."

Tørvikbygd skule

“The performance "Dance for Deg", was a wonderful performance. Captivating music combined
with humorous comments made for good contact with the audience. The dancers had a high artistic level,
and captured the students' attention and commitment from the first moment. All in all, a great
performance - thank you very much!

Øystese youth school

"The teacher and students experienced the performance enriching. Good variety between music
and dance, humor and seriousness! The artists were good at communicating with the students.
The musician did a great job! A student put it this way: "I liked it when they danced with calm
movements as if they were spring and autumn. There was a story in the dance””

Øystese children's school

"A great performance amusingly tied together by the musician! For the students this was probably
a new art form, but they liked what they saw. The sequence with music improvisation based on
notes from students was popular! It was positive to have the artists so close, so that
facial expressions were easy to see. Nicely composed program with variety in music
and skilled dancers!! Peter Lodwick with his humor was a plus for the program! "

Gjerde skule