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Munch - en reise i dans, musikk & billedkunst


“Magical experience with Munch, dance and music! The performance totally absorbed and
engaged 300 teenagers – this must be witchcraft!”
Grimstad Adressetidene

“This must be experienced far beyond the border of Norway”.
Kragerø Avis

“It is hot, it is high, it is low, it is elegant, it is unbelievable professional!”

“Untraditional artistic experience from Dans & Toner. The composer, choreographers,
musician and dancers have created a performance where one sees lines and can imagine the
continuing stories in the pictures of Munch, and at the same time gives us room to
use our own imagination. This was beautiful!”

"This ensemble could charm the birds out of the trees. The pupils were totally captivated
and answered with a storm of applause. It is wonderful to experience
such professionalism from artists."
Ullensaker Blad

"The cheers raised the roof after this performance was over."
Rakkestad Avis

"The trio awoke the enthusiasm of the audience".
Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad


”This was a beautiful, exciting and innovative performance – a wonderful artistic experience!”
Grønnåsen school

“The performance was multifaceted, emotional, dynamic, sensitive, dramatic, varied and was
received with admiration!”
Menstad school

“The audience was spellbound by the artists, who gave us a rare, rich and inspiring experience”.
Tangen school

“Brilliant! A thousand thanks to Peter, Marit and Christer. The 10.of April will always be remembered at Lindås. That was the day we experienced art as a totality. Who would have thought that paintings of Munch, dance and music could come together so naturally. The standing ovation from the public was spontaneous. We experienced a new art form and artistic greatness! Peter had his public in the palm of his hand and allowed us into his musical world. We embraced his spectacular compositions combined with his heavenly improvisation and verbal brilliance. Marit & Christer gave further life to the music and expressed so much through their dance – we want more!”
Lindås school

“I think this is the best performance that has ever visited our school. Marit & Philip had an unbelievable technique and aura. There were many times that I held my breath because it was so beautiful and I had to fight to keep back my tears. Peter was unbelievable in his way of engaging the audience and a brilliant musician & singer.
I would love to see it again!”
Pupil, age 15, Fjaler skole

“We experienced a wonderful performance today. When one combines humour, aesthetic, sensuality and musicality in such a special way, it is easy to become captivated. It was unbelievable to see how the audience became so involved and fascinated. I quote one of my teachers: “In all my 30 years as an active theatre goer, this is the most exciting, engaging and artistic performance I have ever seen!” Congratulations! Both the dancers and musician deserve their praise, but as a man I must admit to being blinded by the exceptional beauty of Marit Krogeide:
you rose out of the sun with the heaven in your hands and the sea at your feet
and the sea at your feet. You danced your way into my mind for eternity
Dale Skole

"Music, words and dance went straight to the hearts of both pupils and teachers".
Gol Youth skole

"Dans og Toner delivered a beautiful performance of truly high quality. Both the dancers and
the musician swept the audience off their feet. The pupils said afterwards: "It is
so good to see something that really is something, something of quality!"
Greveskogen v.g skole

"Both music and dance gripped us all and touched and seduced us to artistic heights."
Kruseløkka skole