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“We were visited by two outstanding artists. They made instant contact with the students
 in a way that made the performance a very special experience and there was always
fine-spun balance between seriousness and humour”.


The performance had a wide range, both in music and
dance. Everything from classical
ballet to minuet and more modern forms, accompanied by Mozart and Lodwick's own music.
The students
demanded extra numbers that were performed in the same professional, free
and humorous way as the rest of the performance”.


“There is no doubt that the two artists scored a bulls eye with the public. They impressed
by the way they spoke the same language as their audience and masterfully made the
material come alive. Peter Lodwick is the musician who plays on many strings and
Marit Krogeide shows that she also masters singing and humour”.


"The artists have it. They take the student seriously.
They professionaly vary the style, from
classical to pop and jazz, they embrace the public with their humour. Strong staging, s
oft transitions - a very high-quality offer for children”.


“The two enthusiastic artists really engaged the students and communication was
established from the first moment. Marit Krogeide got the students immediate attention
when she danced and there were enthusiastic cheers when Peter Lodwick composed a
song based on notes from the students”.

Moss Avis



”It was a little miracle that descended upon us! The audience was spellbound byr this
new and exciting concert form. Two skillful artists immediately created a contact
with the audience in a humouristic and positive way”.

Rykene skole


"It was a sparkling performance! Classical music in traditional and new packaging

was further highlighted by temperamental and graceful dancing. The performers
captured their audience with humour and great skill. It was an inspiring
performance that will be remembered”.

Strupe ungdomsskole


 "Glorious! … ..this was for us! There was soul and depth in what you did.
We saw that dance is something more than steps; it's an expression - thank you Marit!
And you Peter, tied the show together and kept us captivated
along the way - elegant and skilled!

Svelvik skole


 "Mozart!" took us by storm - thank you very much for a very  rewarding performance!"
Rustad skole


“The Mozart performance you gave us was fantastic! We were enchanted by music,
song, dance and humor. You got the message out and the students now think that
Mozart's music and ballet is great! The performance reverberates within us and Mozart's
music was brought to life for us in a scintillating way”.

Hønefoss skole


 "It was a school lesson with a lot of humor, first rate music and beautiful dance. Both
Marit and Peter had exceptional contact with the audience and many think it was the
best school performance ever”.

Kilde skole


"Thank you for a sparkling performance. Peter's way of engaging the kids was impressive and he
connected with the 7-year-olds as well as the 12-year-olds.
Everyone was impressed by
his great musicality. Dancing was a whole new experience for most of us. You could hear by the
 intensity of the applause that the students were very happy”.

Døli skole


"We thank you for a great school concert. Already in the opening you established an amusing
and easy tone. You managed in an adventurous way to engage everybody. Exciting and
impressive that Peter composed a song with just 4 notes for us”.

Jevnaker skole


"Peter's introduction, where he made contact with the audience by simple musical means,
was great. With professionalism and charisma, you presented Mozart's music and his time.
Just popularized enough to engage this age group, while preserving the original Mozart”.

Vormsund ungdomsskole