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How about that Mr B?



“Phenomenon on tour: A combination of humor in pure Monty Python style, great charm,
superior musicality, beautiful movements and in general top professional entertainment
gets us on our knees. We sing, we laugh and we clap our hands. These terrific artists
do all this and more. A wonderful hour where great art was presented with humour.
It is a small miracle that
we get such talented artists visiting schools”.

Harstad Tidene

“There was wild applause, flowers and tumultuous cheers at Lyngmyr. "How about that Mr, B?"
was a sparkling performance.
Peter Lodwick is in short a musical phenomenon and when
Marit Krogeide danced to "Air" by Bach we got chills on our spine and it was miraculous. It was a
humorous and inspiring performance that definitely left us wanting more”.

Tvedestrandsposten 1992

“Great school concert in Risør! It is rare that artists who visit the school under the auspices of the
National Concerts receive standing ovations.
It happened here with us, the young audience was
very enthusiastic. Peter Lodwick proved to be not only a talented musician, he was also a great
humorist who was able to get his young audience aboard. His treatment of both grand piano
and synthesizer was impressing, and combined with Marit Krogeide's beautiful dance,
it all became a wonderful experience for both eyes and ears”.

Aust-Agder Blad 1992


”Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick took the middle school students here by storm. Here there
was direct communication with the young people in the hall and that requires skill. The response
was a storm of cheers and applause for the two smiling artists”.

Varden 1990



"The concert can stand as an example that even in the 'satellite age' it is possible to get
teenagers captivated by classical music and ballet".

Nord-Gratangen skole

"The performance” How about that Mr B” was spot in. There was a positive, humorous
contact with the audience who became eager co-actors throughout the performance, all done with an
intensity and professionalism that impressed both teachers and students. It was really enjoyable
to witness Peter Lodwicks piano playing, that can only be characterized as an "exploding fireworks"
display. Marit Krogeides dance served as a gentle and sensitive "counterpoint".
It's fun to experience artists who takes the student audience seriously and present art without
creating a barrier between them and their audience”.

Stig skole Oslo

 "We have seldom, if ever, had such a response at a school concert. 100% of the students were
engaged, not even the most difficult fell out. The comments afterwards were that this was the
best concert they had ever been to. It is rare to experience artists with such unique and educational
talent, especially when combined with such professional skill. This makes it a guarantied success.
Thank you for the experience!”
Birkenlund ungdomsskole


“Both artists had charisma and the ability to create direct contact with the children, which meant
that the students gathered in the auditorium were completely engrossed in what was going on.
The alternation between the music and the dance worked perfectly - and it was clear by the
reaction of the children that seeing dance so close to them is a rare experience. The
interaction between Marit and Peter was lively and humorous. In addition to a fascinating
and artistic performance, it was also an hour full of laughter. Peters comic talent
enabled him to perform the music with great success”.

Hannestad school


 "It was a powerful, jubilant and happy experience. The kids participated, they listened, they
sat at the very edge of their seats and almost wept when the last number was announced.
The same was true of the adults who were present. Krogeide/Lodwick managed to give
us a taste of pure and unadorned baroque music in the midst of their humour.
They communicated in an easy-to-understand way and managed to be serious
without being self important”.

Vestli skole Oslo

 “Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. With humor and great artistic skills,
you elicited big smiles, wonderful laughter and wide-eyed admiration. All the students
expressed that this was the best concert they had experienced”.

Stinta barneskole

 "It was a fantastic performance where we were all gather together to experience something
very positive. We were presented with beauty for both ear and eyes performed with talent
and humor. We experience two artists who were masters of their art. They had superb body
language, accurate timing and effortless humour. Peter Lodwick was an experience in
himself. His exuberant performance and musical humor were at a high level.
His grip on the audience was unique. Marit Krogeide gave us a captivating and
intimate experience through
ballet and jazz dance. I have seldom or never experienced
a school performance where the artists have had the audience
so totally in the palms of their hands”.

Dovre Ungdomsskole

"The artists opened our senses and gave us great joy and inspiration. Bach's music was
conveyed to us through dance, ballet, song and music. Everything done with great artistic skill,
freedom and humour.  The performers had the audience in the palm of their hands from
the beginning to the end. A student statement: "The most wonderful concert we have ever been to!"

Grålum School