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”What is art? That was the introductory question the children got before the performance
”Twisted” at Vesterøy School. This was followed up with questions about what
actually makes art and who decides what is art. With this as a theme, Peter Lodwick,
Marit Krogeide and Christer Tornell bewitched the audience with a very well
thought out and masterfully performed performance".
Sandefjord Blad

”Art with a twist: Twisted” questions our views on what art is and can be. Peter Lodwick,
Marit Krogeide and Christer Tornell have taken everyday objects out of their natural
environment and interpret them purely as objects of art (Found Art). To achieve this
they use dance in different forms, new music, student participation, improvisation and film-art.
It is truly fantastic to experience such professional artists”.
Tønsberg blad


"This was quality to your fingertips! Very talented artists with a performance that
engaged. It's great that the children can experience something like this. THANK YOU for
an inspiring and lively performance!"
Grindløkken skole

“We want more from "Dance and Toner"!!! Incredibly professional, high quality and a
performance very well adapted for a young audience. The students were very excited
by the splendid mix of music, dance and Found Art. Found Art is
something we can continue to work with”.
Gamlebyen skole

"This was spot on! Art on a high level".
Unneberg skole

”Thank you for a great performance today! The performance was aesthetically
pleasing to watch. The staging was excellent with the use of film, music, signs, etc.
The performance was very well received by the audience and impeccably
performed by the artists”.
Vålerenga skole

"Our students were privileged to experience the performance Twisted. This was a
different, fun and thought-provoking performance where music, dance and art
were conveyed in a way we as teachers can only dream of! The performance
delivered professionalism and passion. It is a rare experience to be part of an
audience where after the last act you could hear a pin drop because they were
holding their breath waiting for more. Thank you very much!"
Gokstad skole

“This was a great success! We, the audience, are undividedly very positive.
Beautiful, varied and very professionally performed. Splendid that the students
got to experience such varied music and dance. The three students who got to
participate had a very positive experience, and it was also good that the
rest of the students were involved. Fun with an improvised song. A great way
to present music and dance. Both children and adults had a great experience
that has been much talked about afterwards. Thank you!"
Lysheim skole

"A great performance. These were artists who could communicate well with
the audience! The students felt that they participated actively and there was a
great atmosphere in the hall. This was extremly positive".
Skøyen skole