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Marit Krogeide, Vidar Hansen, Peter Lodwick. Foto: Grim EvensenMarit Krogeide and Vidar Hansen. Photo: Børre MadsenMarit Krogeide, Vidar Hansen, Peter Lodwick. Foto: Grim Evensen


"Impressive, Impulser inspired! Warm applause from the audience confirmed its sucsess!

Moss Avis

Composition/Musician: Peter Lodwick Dancers: Vidar Hansen, Marit Krogeide
Choreography: Ø
yvind Jørgensen, Toni Herlofson, Merete Lingjærde,
Jan de Miranda,  Marit Krogeide

Marit Krogeide and Vidar Hansen. Photo: Geir Hansen Marit Krogeide and Vidar Hansen. Photo: Geir Hansen


"Thank you for a wonderful performance! Great for us to experience artists of such high quality.
The audience appreciated the quality, the fantastic dance, music and humour!"
Råholt ungdomsskole

In this performance you will se classical, neo classical, jazz and modern dance created
by five different choreographers. The music is varied and spannes from classical to rock. The
choreographers and the composer have taken their inspiration from situations that young people
can relate to. Our intention is to show that inspiration can be found all around us - it is just
to open ones eyes and senses. The choreographies are bound together by the composer and
who, through music, dialog and humour, creates contact with the audience.
Premiere: 1997, Performed 36 ganger for
6405 youngsters. Supported by The Norwegian
Arts Council and Fund for Performing Artists.

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     Photo: Top left and right: Grim Evensen, Center: Børre Madsen
Second row: Geir Hansen