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"This impressive performance captivated both pupils and teachers".
Rjukan Arbeiderblad

"I have rarely experienced a performance as sucsessful.
A rare and beautiful experience".
Rjukan Ungdomsskole

"Dans"The performance brought beauty to the everyday life of a school. We are grateful
that you present performance for young people with a high artistic value. An exciting
combination of pictures, dance and music that gave great inspiration.
"Visions" had energy, humour, and seriousness and
captivated the audience in an impressive way".
Borre county

"With its simple message this excellent and professional performance
gave a powerful impression".
Raufoss skole

"A beautifully presented, charming and pulsating performance".
Øraker skole

"A very good performance with a 'simple' expression that gave a strong impression."
Raufoss kino

"Wonderful, beautiful, fantastic! I shall never forget this performance!"
Girl 16 years old, Gimle skole

"Fabulous music and dance. I could have seen it one more time!"
Boy 15 years old, Gimle skole