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Marit Krogeide, foto: Peter Lodwick

In the performance "Visjoner" (Visions) we meet three art forms: music, pictorial art and dance.
Six very different choreographers have each made their dance inspired by Norwegian pictorial
art. Some have been inspired by the energy of the painting, some by the form and some by the
subject matter. The choreographers are very different both in personality, work methods and
experience, something we see reflected in the dances they have created. The composer has
had an ongoing dialog with the choreographers, so that the music also encompasses a wide
range of styles. The current pictures are: Edvard Munch "Gallopping Horse" and "The Sun",
Hellesen "Composition", Gunnar S. Gundersen "Fan", Anthony Lewis "Birds" (computer art).

Composisjon/Musician: Peter Lodwick 
: Tim Rushton, Antonio Ferraz, Lise Ferner,

Katrine Bølstad, Merete Lingjærde, Marit Krogeide 
 Kristian Alm, Merete Vold, Marit Krogeide

"The performance brought beauty to the everyday life in school. We are grateful that
you present performances for young people with such a high artistic value. An exciting
combination of pictures, dance and music that gave great inspiration. "Visions" had
energy, humour and seriousness and captivated the audience in an impressive way
Borre county

"Beautiful, wonderful, fantastic! I will never forget this performance"
Girl 16 år, Gimle skule Fyresdal


 Visjoner. Foto: Jennifer Holme


Premier: 1999 Vennesla Kulturhus. Supported by Art Council Norway and Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond.
Performed 17 times for 3.200 people.